IO 09 Science and Practice

The 5th International Conference on Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry Trondheim, Norway, 29-30 September 2009 & Extra IO Day SME Innovation Forum Thursday 1 October 2009

Intelligent petroleum fields and integrated operations for better productivity and safety

International meeting place for business and science
IO 09 is the international meeting place that will bring you to the network and give you trends and opportunities for research and business in integrated operations. You will meet the players from oil companies, suppliers, research laboratories and universities around the world. Intelligent petroleum fields and integrated operations are becoming even more important in the recent low price situation in order to improve productivity.

Where Science and Practice meet
This conference is about the methods and tools for integrated operations, today and in the future. IO09 is the place where science and practice meet. It will present the experience from some of the most advanced oil companies and system suppliers internationally in this field today. By contrasting today’s best practice with forward-looking perspectives this will create a productive meeting place for generating new impulses in the further development of integrated operations practice.

Topics and sessions
IO 09 will highlight aspects of the technologies and work processes for better productivity and safety.

  1. Intelligent petroleum fields and IO in a low price scenario
  2. IO solutions for improved safety and environment
  3. Smarter oil and gas world – experiences and solutions
  4. Roadmap for green fields and brown fields – IO solutions and IO compliance
  5. Pushing the boundary of integrated modeling
  6. New work processes and collaboration environment
  7. Industrial gaming applications for IO in the oil and gas industry
  8. Pushing wired pipe – smarter well solutions and reservoir optimization
  9. Operation management through integrated planning and optimized maintenance
  10. Digital platform for the next generation IO – a prerequisite for the high north
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