The 6th International Conference on Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry September 28-29 September 2010, in Trondheim

Intelligent petroleum fields and integrated operations – the next generation

International meeting place for business and science
IO Science and Practice is the international meeting place that will bring you to the network and give you trends and opportunities for research and business in integrated operations. You will meet the players from oil companies, suppliers, research laboratories and universities around the world. Intelligent petroleum fields and integrated operations are the most significant contributor to the next generation of petroleum field management. The international market for Integrated Operations is expected to grow significantly in the years to come.

IO Science and Pracitce

International speakers at the IO Conference IO10:

Professor Alan B. Lumsden Cristina Pinho Peter Forbes Paul R. Carlile Franz van den Berg
Meshal AL-Buraikan Marta Dueñas Díez Torbjørn Forthun Sthener R.V. Campos David Echeverria Ciaurri Prof. Juan Luis Fernández Martínez Rebecca Christensen Major Dag Ola Lien
From top left:
Alan B. Lumsden from The Methodist Hospital, Cristina Pinho form Petrobras, and Peter Forbes IBM, Paul Carlile Boston University, Franz van den Berg, Shell, Meshal al-Buraikan, SaudiAramco, Marta Dueñas Díez from Repsol and Torbjørn Forthun from Odfjell Drilling, Sthener R.V. Campos from Petrobras, David Echeverria Ciaurri from Stanford University, Prof. Juan Luis Fernández Martínez from University of Oviedo and Berkeley,Rebecca Christensen from GdF Suez and Major Dag Ola Lien from Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy.

Topics and sessions
IO10 will highlight the next generation of real time technologies and management for better productivity and safety.

  • Intelligent petroleum fields and IO – international solutions
  • Crystal ball – innovation and new solutions for next generation IO
  • Truly integrated operations – merging people and models
  • IO work processes, technologies and training
  • Smarter well solutions and drilling for improved recovery
  • Integrated planning and maintenance management
  • A holistic approach to IO
  • New business models and contract strategies for IO
  • Collaboration across boundaries – The science of integration – Panel discussion

Young Proffesional Program, Poster session, Exhibition Area and Excursions to IO facilities.

The annual IO Conference is arranged by
Center for Integrated Operations


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