Cultural Event on Conference Dinner September 25th.


Apes&Babes is a vocal group performing music with the human voice as the only instrument. Our rehearsals contain much experimentation and improvisation, testing the abilities of the human voice. It is our belief that nothing is impossible until the contrary is proven. We write all the arrangements ourselves, often based on the original soundtracks.

A little preview of ApesBabes performance

Apes&Babes are: Ingunn Sollie, Sigrun Hassel Pedersen, Ingrid Storlimo, Elin Valvatne, Jørgen Hals, Øyvind Dalen Sørbøl, Tor Martin Antonsen og Vidar Johansen.

Read more about them on their homepage:

2012/05/03 14:58, Solveig Johnsen